• Life Insurance

    Sahara Insurance Company offers life insurance that covers

  • Property Insurance

    We provide outstanding insurance coverage to secure the property of individuals and companies against damage sustained due to accidents.

  • Marine Insurance

    The marine insurance covers the loss or damage of consignments transported by land, sea, or air.

  • Health Insurance

    What do you think about our services and products What do you think about our services and products What do you think about our services and products

  • New Vision … Wider Horizon

    Sahara Insurance Company is one of the leading Libyan local insurance companies in a privileged position to offer high quality services from a dedicated, highly qualified team in addition to …

  • Motor Insurance

    As it ensures the security and safety of individuals and their property, vehicle insurance is popular around the world.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

    This policy provides the necessary insurance coverage for travelers who want to go to the European Union or any other country around the world. It gives you peace of mind in case of illness or accident that might happen during the trip.

Overview | Sahara Insurance Company

  • Marine and Aviation Insurance: We provide insurance for the protection of goods in transport, whether by sea, air or land. We also provide insurance coverage for the hulls of ships, aircraft and responsibilities thereto
  • Vehicle Insurance: We deliver insurance protection for damages and losses resulting from traffic accidents, theft or fire.
  • Insurance for People: We have insurance programs that meet all the needs of individuals including health and personal accident insurance as well as life and travel insurance.
  • Property Insurance: We provide protection for public and private property from the dangers of exposure to the elements of nature and the dangers of fire, burglary and other related risks.


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